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Call Today (941) 330-8553

17 Jan Call Today (941) 330-8553

“We are Committed to the highest quality care using the most up to date techniques in, Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma,  Functional Medicine & Functional Neurology

 Advanced Rejuvenation has been serving Sarasota since 1997. Since it’s conception it has been a integrated center offering complimentary Medical Care and Chiropractic Care. The combination of Regenerative Injection Therapy or Prolotherapy which also includes Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy along with Functional Medicine is Advanced Rejuvenation’s focus.

We are currently involved in a Research Study on a special process of purifying bone marrow or BMA using a system designed by Emcyte Corporation. We are working with Bio Sciences Research Center at Harvard and offering a great opportunity for special pricing on treatment. Call our office for details.

Click on one of the button’s below to explore how the Regenerative Therapies from Gecko Joint & Spine at Advanced Rejuvenation work on some specific conditions.

Below are buttons that will let you view video’s on specific conditions treated with Functional Cranial Release & Functional Neurology by Dr. John Lieurance.

dr chenDr. Wellington Chen is a specialist with Joint, Tendon, and Ligament Regeneration using the most advanced techniques to include PRP using Ultrasound Guidance. Dr Lieurance has a focus on Neurology treating “the untreatable”.  Many of his cases are from around the country with complex conditions they have seen many other specialist. Dr. Lieurance primarily treats conditions such are TMJ, Vertigo and Balance Disorders, Tinnitus, Sleep Apnea & Snoring, Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders, Migraine Headaches & Complex Head Pain, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and some not listed here.


I have been in private practice in Sarasota, Florida, since 1996 and I successfully treat many difficult and chronic cases such as fibromyalgia, dizziness/vertigo, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, facial pain, post brain surgery syndrome, TMJ and Jaw Pain, lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica or leg pain, spinal stenosis, shoulder and arm pain, numbness/paresthesia, insomnia or an inability to sleep soundly, restless leg syndrome, RSDS, tinnitus or ear noises, dystonia, and carpal tunnel syndrome, sleep apnea, snoring, difficulty breathing through your nose, chronic sinusitis, tinnitus, parkinson’s, and anxiety disorders.

Chronic health conditions can include a host of other symptoms such as light sensitivity, increased sweating or hyper-hydrosis, irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, and an increased and/or irregular heart rate.

This site contains many videos in which I will teach you the cause and treatments for all of these conditions. You may also browse many video testimonials on various conditions. See my You Tube Channel. Also on Vimeo. Some videos are on fibromyalgia (which includes insomnia, light sensitivity, hyper-hydrosis, increased/irregular heartbeat, brain fog, memory loss, and chronic pain), dizziness or vertigo, sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

“The treatments that I use have worked for hundreds of my patients. Currently, I teach other Medical and Chiropractic doctors these methods internationally.  My passion is to contribute to human kind by providing unique and effective physical modalities for many life-robbing conditions.”

John Lieurance, D.C.

Functional Neurology &

Functional Cranial Release (FCR)

Ultrasound Guidance

Wellington Chen, M.D.

Stem Cell Orthopedics

Platelet Rich Plasma


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