This is "Where Things Grow Back!" - Advanced Rejuvenation
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This is “Where Things Grow Back!”

16 Jan This is “Where Things Grow Back!”

New Study shows 90% results for moderate to severe osteoarthritis at 12 months after Stem Cell Injection.  

If you have been told you need a joint replacement then call us @ (941) 330-8553 for more information or to attend a free seminar or phone consultation.

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Prolotherapy & Platelet Rich Plasma 

Years of experience and training in the field of regenerative injections are why you might choose these physicians as your doctors for these treatments. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP is Prolotherapy using your own blood. Your blood is placed into a machine that looks like a record player. The platelet rich plasma is spun down and this solution is then injected into area’s that are damaged or arthritic.

Click on one of the button’s below to explore videos and information on how Gecko’s Regenerative therapies work on some specific conditions.

Gecko Joint & Spine is Sarasota’s Regenerative Clinic!


“We are commited to offering the finest and most advanced regenerative injection therapies to my patients in a warm, caring and of course most comfortable/ pain free way possible.”

About PRP therapy.

This is a video explaining PRP.

This video shows how ligament damage can often be the cause of chronic neck pain.

Watch this video on PRP regenerating Cartilage.

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