Lung Disease Stem Cell Treatment
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Use your own stem cells to repair damage from lung disease.

Since the lungs are one of our most vulnerable organs when our regenerative capacity declines many will suffer COPD and other lung diseases as they age. Stem cells therapy can have a strong regenerative affected in the lung tissue by replacing the once damaged lung tissue with new cells. The procedure has no chance of rejection and is minimally invasive.
Currently, we offer three possible treatment routes: adipose stem cell’s or ADSC’s, bone marrow stem cells BDSC and growth factors collected from blood. Thesse are all autologous meaning they come from the same patient and they are minimally manipulated then re introduced within the same day. We use a special double activation processing of our stem cells which allows them to have a higher survivability and are more mitogenic ( better growth in numbers). Our program includes a stem cell nutritional protocol targeted to improving lung tissue health along with our proprietary cell therapy’s.

How Does Advanced Rejuvenation’s Stem Cell Therapy work?

Advanced Rejuvenation offers stem cell treatments for many of the major pulmonary conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial lung disease. Unless we are unable to collect enough fat your stem cells would be extracted from adipose (fat) tissue as this is a more highly dense reservoir of stem cells then bone marrow. The stem cells are then washed and isolated off the adipose or fat. Next you will have your blood drawn from which we will process and isolate specific growth factors that will be used to activate your stem cells. Adult stem cells have the capacity to differentiate into many types of cells. The stem cells are then introduced to the patient intravenously and in a nebulizer treatment which targets them to go to the lung tissue. This leads to improved lung function in patients with a chronic lung disease. Advanced Rejuvenation’s minimally invasive, outpatient stem cell procedures are changing lives by helping patients breathe easier. Studies on Stem Cell for COPD.

Advanced Rejuvenation provides stem cell therapy for:


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