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22 Jun Underlying causes of sleep loss.

Let’s look at 3 patterns of sleep loss: Those who can’t fall asleep. Perhaps one of the most meaningful things you can do is be the "detective" and find the under- lying causes for poor sleep. We start by asking our patients how many hours they are...

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22 Jun Is your problem Genetic?

[caption id="attachment_130" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Homozygot twin study in China."][/caption] A huge study in China followed 15,000 homozygot twins and found that after they moved apart at adulthood only 12 % of they're health conditions matched eachother. That leaves 88% under your direct control! Your's in Health, John Lieurance,...

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21 Jun Treatment for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury by Sarasota Chiropractor John Lieurance, D.C.

MTBI; Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. [caption id="attachment_267" align="alignnone" width="282" caption="MTBI treatment with Dr. John Lieurance."][/caption] Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, (MTBI), or, Post Concussive Syndrome Mild traumatic brain injury, (MTBI) and traumatic brain injury, (TBI) often simply referred to as concussion, or Post concussive syndrome has become a focus...

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