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Alkaline and Acidic Blood How Does It Effect Healing & Staying Young?

23 Jun Alkaline and Acidic Blood How Does It Effect Healing & Staying Young?

Many chronic pain patients show a lower than normal blood plasma pH. A person with low blood pH has an acid blood. Acidic blood is typically dark in color due to low oxygen content. Oxygen is what allows the body to extract, transport and store energy from the blood and the nutrients we consume. A low oxygen content in the blood compromises healing capabilities among many other health issues.
Simple diagnostic testing procedures an be used to determine a person’s under lying physiology. Testing your pH levels in saliva and urine are part of the picture. The pH level, together with a urine total sugar test and some other testing can help  determine which diet you need to follow. By following the appropriate diet helps in overall healing, anti-aging and especially in conjunction with our protocols utilizing Prolotherapy, spinal rejuvination or other regenerative programs.

The treatment for acid blood is to consume foods and supplements which neutralize or alkalize the blood pH. This is accomplished by consuming items which are alkaline and by reducing the intake of acidic items. Caffeine, sugar, wheat, citrus fruits, soda pop, and potatoes should be avoided, whereas quality protein, good fats and fresh organic vegetables should be the majority of the meal. Supplements such as green’s or minerals also help neutralize acidic blood.

Nuts, seeds, brown rice, or soy products are good sources of protein if a vegetarian diet is preferred. People with acid blood are typically carbohydrate addicts and consume very little protein. Protein is needed in the diet because collagen, which makes up ligaments and tendons, is the most abundant protein in the body. Collagen is the building block for ligament and tendon tissue. A healthy diet with adequate amounts of protein for soft tissue growth is essential for heathy ligament and tendon injuries. Supplimentation with amino acids which are the building blocks for proteins can also be beneficial. Glutamine and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are good choices and are best taken just after exersize and before bed.  Before bed is a good time as the body prepares to go into it’s regenerative phase the first 2-3 hours of it’s deep sleep.

Another interesting finding is that our testing consistently reveals that chronic pain patients suffer from chronic dehydration. Chronic dehydration produces a reduction in shock absorbing capabilities of the intervertebral discs and articular cartilage, placing additional stress on the ligaments to stabilize the joints. The end result is ligament laxity, injury, and resultant chronic pain. It is very important for the person in chronic pain to drink ½ their weight times ounces of purified water per day along with a mineral salt to carry the water into the tissues. This form of hydration can dramatically improve your body’s regenerative capacities. The process is decribed in detail in our spinal rejuvenation protocol. For a copy drop by our office or log onto our web site to download a free copy.

John Lieurance, DC,  is a naturopathic and chiropractic physician. He is the director of advanced wellness center with 2 locations in Sarasota and palmetto. Advanced Wellness Center is the area’s more complete and largest Natural healing Center.  He can be reached at 941 330-8553 for a consultation. Also visit

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