Functional Neurology

05 Nov NeuroRegeneration using Whole Body Cryotherapy

What do bears hibernating and Neurodegenerative Diseases have in common?  Scientist have discovered that the same mechanism bears use to reboot they're brain after months of hibernation in the winter cold could offer some insight into new treatments for diseases of our aging brain.  ...

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THE FOOD COMBINING CHART for a smooth digestion Important: Only combine where circles touch directly!   Asparagus Kale Artichokes Meat Amaranth Bell Pepper Leek Beets Fish Buckwheat Broccoli Lettuce Beans Foul Quinoa Brussels Sprouts Onions Carrots Avocado Millet Cabbage Parsley Corn Beans Oats Celery Radish Jicama Cerals Rice Chard Rhubarb Peas Nuts Spelt Chicory Spinach Potatoes Flax Seeds Wheat and Flours Chives Summer Squash Pumpkin Pumpkin Seeds Collards Swiss Chard Hubbard Squash Unhulled Sesame Seeds Raw Corn Tomatoes Winter Squash Cucumber Turnip Banana Squash Endive Turnip Greens Yams Escarole Watercress Garlic Zucchini Green beans Important: Only combine where circles touch directly! Banana Sweet Cherries Grapefruit Cantaloupe Dates & Figs Sweet Apple Orange Crenshaw All Dried Fruit Sweet Berries Lemon Honeydew Persimmon Apricot Lime Muskmelon Prunes Papaya Pineapple Watermelon Sweet Grapes Pear Pomegranate Mango Sour Grapes Sweet Peach Cranberries Sweet Plum Sour Peach...

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30 Aug Acid Alkaline Food Chart

Acid Alkaline Food Chart Food consumption in the most advanced countries of the world has changed from nutritious raw foods to highly processed foods very low in nutritional value. New chemicals have been introduced to our foods, air, and water, which have put even greater stresses on...

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Read why Functional Neurology is so effective! John Lieurance, D.C. Neuroplasticity WHAT IS NEUROPLASTICITY, ANYWAY? The human brain is incredibly adaptive. Our mental capacity is astonishingly large, and our ability to process widely varied information and complex new experiences with relative ease can often be surprising. The brain’s ability to act and...

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05 Nov Eye Exercises Show Benefit for Brain Function & Rehabilitation. | Sarasota Functional Neurology Develops Eye Exercise Program that shows great benefit for Brain Function & Rehabilitation.

Eye Exercises can be an amazing option for brain function and to rehabilitate from various brain injuries. Better Brain & Balance in 30 day's is a multi-sensory program for improving brain function. It is an enjoyable activity, or “exercise,” which can be customized for all ages...

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