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28 May All infections will produces a very sticky substance called a biofilm which the is used to protect and hide the microbes from you immune system.

Infections are very prevalent in many people who are not symptomatic! Dr John’s Sinus Protocol  Chronic nasal infection that produces a sticky substance called a biofilm which the bacteria used to protect and hide itself from you immune system. This infection is particularly prevalent in Lyme and...

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27 Mar Vitamin B’s and health and immune function.

Vitamin B's plays an important role in mood regulation, stress levels, immune function as well as nerve and brain health.  They call Vitamin B the “Happy Vitamin!” That’s because stress depletes B vitamins in your body. As does alcohol, poor sleep, refined carbohydrates, and some antibiotics. Prolonged...

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VITAMIN D IV THERAPY Vitamin D enhances the pathogen fighting effects of monocytes and macrophages — white blood cells that are important parts of your immune defense — and decreases inflammation, which helps promote immune response. Vitamin D is essential for immune function. Healthy levels of this vitamin...

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15 Mar This week US and UK scientists will announce that a long-running research programme to create the world’s first Ards therapy is to be fast-tracked by US medical agencies

Even coronavirus survivors can be left with lung damage that takes 15 years to heal Thousands of coronavirus victims who survive serious illness will suffer damage to their lungs, heart and other organs, needing up to 15 years for recovery, say intensive care specialists. The damage done...

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29 Oct Fortifying bodily substrate

From my friend Dr.Priya V Balakrishnan of The Immortality Institute- Fortifying Bodily Substrate - To avoid disease and premature death from any cause -Most of the essential things to do daily, are cheap and easy to do. Vitamin D - 5000 Units daily OR Vit D2...

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