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28 Jul Rheumatoid arthritis? Some are finding success with a new ozone treatment! |10 pass hyperbaric ozone for Rheumatoid arthritis | Rheumatoid arthritis and Lyme disease? 10 pass might be the answer to your prayers!

Below see a real patient being treated successfully with 10 pass for Chronic Lyme and Rheumatoid arthritis! Can 10 pass Hyperbaric IV zone be the answer for Lyme disease? Rheumatoid arthritis can have an underlying cause and many times these doctors are finding infection to be present....

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25 Apr Exciting News for People suffering from Hearing loss, Tinnitus, Hyperacusis and Balance issues.

Do you suffer from an inner ear condition such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears), hearing loss, noise sensitivity (hyperacusis) or even problems with balance (vertigo/dizziness)? Hi I’m Dr. John Lieurance and I have made it my life’s goal to both understand and develop the most...

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30 Nov Managing Parkinson’s Symptoms Through Diet

Managing Parkinson’s Symptoms Through Diet Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological condition that damages the brain over time. It is estimated that 1 million Americans have Parkinson’s. It cannot be cured or treated with diet, however changing your diet and leading a healthy lifestyle can help to manage...

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22 Nov A key nutrient called NAD+ May help hearing loss!

A supplement that scientists describe as the precursor to vitamin B3 may help prevent and treat noise-induced hearing loss, researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College and the Gladstone Institutes have found. In new research published Tuesday in the journal Cell Metabolism, a chemical called nicotinamide riboside...

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16 Oct Stem Cell Lecture Schedule 2017

Alternatives to Surgery - Using Your Own Stem Cells to Heal Your Body - Novemeber 2nd, 2017 - In Sarasota Free Educational Seminar on Orthopedic Stem Cell and Regenerative PRP Orthopedics. Alternatives to Surgery - Using Your Own Stem Cells to Heal Your Body. Join Dr. John Lieurance...

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16 Oct Ultrasound Scan

Congratulations as ultrasound is a tremendous way to look at painful joints to determine what's wrong. Dr John Lieurance has trained for the last 10 years in the field of musculoskeletal ultrasound.   Dr Lieurance and staff utilize the most cutting edge techniques for treating arthritis, common...

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27 Aug Neuropathy treatment Sarasota Florida

Do you suffer from Neuropathy or Chronic Pain? You’ve Come to the Right Place for Help! Get The Facts… Whether it’s diabetic or chemotherapy neuropathy or perhaps chronic illness causing pain, we have answers! Our doctors understand the newest and most effective treatments available. Dr. John Lieurance, alongside...

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27 Aug About our Neuropathy Program.

Now where else is there a combination of two specialties whose main purpose is to stamp out Neuropathy for those suffering from this debilitating condition. Due to the facts that cause Neuropathy, it is important to address them in each case to provide for the...

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