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Class 4 Laser can help heal musculoskeletal injuries!

18 Jun Class 4 Laser can help heal musculoskeletal injuries!


I purchased my K-laser 2 years ago. Wouldn’t practice without it now. I use it before and after PRP and prolotherapy, for arthritis, trauma, sports injuries, carple tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, sprain, strains, skin conditions such as herpies/shingles, and wounds. Anybody doing regenerative medicine without a laser is really missing a big area of medicine. We are proud to be one of the few clinics to utilize all area’s of regenerative modalities!

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Researchers Gigo- Benato and Guena, along with their colleagues, found that laser biostimulation works best with certain wavelengths and selective modulation patterns. A study on rats performed at the University of Turin demonstrated that a specific pattern of laser emission produced the greatest therapeutic benefit. The median nerve was transected and the proximal portion was attached to the distal ulnar nerve. Laser therapy using three different emission patterns and two infrared wavelengths (905 and 808 nm) were used in the experimental model. The researchers found that the best functional outcome was obtained by means of the combined pulsed-continuous pattern of laser biostimulation.
The results of this study were surprising; Faster myelination; Faster recovery of muscle trophism; and Faster recovery of lesioned function all occurred using the specific pattern of laser biostimulation.The physiological mechanisms responsible for producing a faster healing using laser were reviewed and include the following mechanisms:
1. Stimulation of CA++ release and ATP synthesis
2. Neuroprotection, up regulation of TGF-beta 1, CGRP
3. Promotion of Schwann cell proliferation
4. Activation of neurite sprouting and axon growth

The authors concluded and suggested that in the future, early post-operative laser therapy has a promising potential as a rehabilitation tool for improved recovery following neurological surgery.

MLS Therapy (Multiwave Locked System) is an advanced laser modulation process that is only available from Cutting Edge Laser Technologies.

The MLS series of lasers has exceptional engineering and research backing the current laser products. Research has demonstrated that synchronizing dual infrared wavelengths in a specific pattern of continuous and pulsed mode output has a greater therapeutic value than using a continuous or pulsed mode laser alone. Faster and more complete recovery is the therapeutic goal of all successful healthcare professionals. I have had great success with this technology at my clinic.


Gigo-Benato D, Geuna S, de Castro Rodrigues A, et al.
Low-power laser biostimulation enhances nerve repair after end-to-side neurorrhaphy: a double-blind randomized study in the rat median nerve model. Lasers Med Sci. 2004;19(1):57-65. Epub 2004 Jul 30.


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