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Beyond Stem Cell Therapy: Are Exosomes better than Stem Cells?

Advanced Rejuvenation is one of only a few clinics worldwide utilizing Exosome Therapy!  Exosomes are the small vesicles that are contained in stem cells and these Exosomes are thought to be the “stuff” that’s giving all the benefit from a stem cell treatment.  Studies on Exosome therapy is showing promise for treatment of cognitive decline, heart disease, diabetes, orthopedic conditions, autoimmune disease, and enhanced immune function. Exosomes offer a host of advantages over regular stem cells for therapy. Being cell-free, they will have no chance for genetic or disease transfer therefore they are considered safer than stem cell therapy.  Studies are indicating the effectiveness may be superior to stem cell treatments with less risks, especially compared to stem cells from cord blood other placenta stem cells from war-tons jelly.

Many diseases are due to a deficit in healthy, fully functioning cells caused by injury, trauma, infection, ageing or congenital deficiencies.

Exosome’s trigger a strong trophic activation to your own cells that trigger a long term change into a more youthful state.

The essential therapeutic components of stem cells are the cell-secreted extracellular vesicles called Exosomes.

Although exosomes were discovered more than 30 years ago, it was not until recently that the scientific community began to give credit to exosomes for a range of promising traits relevant to regenerative medicine. Although new, exosomes are rapidly gaining momentum as a strategy for accessing the therapeutic effects of stem cells without the risks and difficulties of administering the cells to patients.Shivani Sharma believes exosomes – tiny nanoparticles in our bodies – may offer a new path to curing and managing disease. While first discovered in the 1980’s, Shivani’s breakthrough method of studying exosomes using the Atomic Force Microscope, offers scientists the ability to comprehensively study these fragile but powerful particles. A new frontier in microbiology, Shivani and other nano scientists are just beginning to understand the important role of exosomes in our body.

Studies have shown that exosomes can be as potent or more than stem cells in promoting regeneration and functional recovery in experimental animal models of human diseases including stroke, traumatic brain injury, pulmonary hypertension and wound healing.

“We believe that exosomes are the next-generation regenerative medicine therapy and will become a household name within a few years to address many medical problems and problems associated with aging.”

Exosomes: Nanoparticles offer a new cure for disease TEDxManhattenBeach

Shivani Sharma believes exosomes – tiny nanoparticles in our bodies – may offer a new path to curing and managing disease. While first discovered in the 1980’s, Shivani discuss exosome’s and how scientist are just beginning to understand the important role in regeneration and life extension.

For a more in depth dive into exosome’s watch the series “Exosomes: The Next Small Thing”

Dr. Sack on Exosome’s

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