FCR and Cognitive Function. See just how powerful FCR is in improving brain function.

29 Apr FCR and Cognitive Function. See just how powerful FCR is in improving brain function.

Martin Cognitive abilities dramatically improved after several treatments with fCR and Glutathione. Understanding the brain and nervous system is at the core of many health challenges is crucial in understanding why fCR works so well on so many health challenges. Your brain and nervous system control every aspect of your bodies response to stress, like mental stress, emotional stress, structural stress, toxic stress, and even infections.

By balancing your brain you balance your bodies response to stress and it’s environment.Functional Cranial-Release is the art and science of restoring normal brain and nervous system function by using Functional Neurology along with NeuroCranial Restructuring to accomplish the following:

1) Restore the brains ability to oxygenate itself through both improving air flow into higher area’s through the nasal passage and also improve the normal pumping action inherent in all of use (cranial rhythm) that moves nutrients such as oxygen and neurotransmitters that bath the central nervous system keeping it healthy.
2) Utilize neurologic testing to determine the pathways and brain centers that are either firing to much or firing too little using the following; Use of the C.A.P.S. Balance Plate for brain function. Examination of your eye’s movements and reflex’s, your muscles or motor system, the autonomic nervous system, your circulation, your sensory system, the vestibular system (or) your ability to balance [many times using a computerized balance platform]. Through the specific use of various modalities such as one or more of the following; Very Specific Chiropractic Adjustments of the spine, extremities, and cranium.


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