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Fortifying bodily substrate

29 Oct Fortifying bodily substrate

From my friend Dr.Priya V Balakrishnan of The Immortality Institute-

Fortifying Bodily Substrate – To avoid disease and premature death from any cause -Most of the essential things to do daily, are cheap and easy to do.

  1. Vitamin D – 5000 Units daily OR Vit D2 (not as preferred) – 50,000 Units weekly (prescription) and follow up with checking levels every three months with your regular doctors – essential (level needs to be around 50 ng/ml)
  2. Vitamin B12 (preferably methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin – better) 1-3 mg IM (shot) every day for 10 days and then twice weekly for life.  Essential for neuronal and adrenal gland function –  essential – please don’t follow levels – they are not an accurate representation of cellular availability
  3. Mountain Rose Herbs’ Curcumin Elixir (3 oz bottle for $30) – 10 drops twice a day – increase to 30-40 drops four times daily as tolerated – remember turmeric is the most potent anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-infective agent on the planet; and it also predisposes to bleeding (something to be cautious of – if one accidentally cuts one’s finger chopping something for example – please hold pressure for 10-15 minutes’ time or until bleeding stops whichever is later, rather than the usually recommended 2-6 minutes’ duration – normal bleeding time off anti-platelet agents).

Optional – to be considered particularly if there is an acute flare of inflammatory underlying condition

  1. All conditions which require steroid treatment, imply the body’s intrinsic source of cortisol is not working in a healthy manner (the adrenal gland).  It could point to adrenal fatigue, a disease of the 21st century, which regular doctors (and all of us Indian folks actually) fail to acknowledge –

Here are some really good ways to handle adrenal fatigue:  Adequate rest (8 hours’ of sleep); adequate hydration (half your weight in water ounces per day); adequate exercise; adequate Vitamin C (most important – take as much as 4-6 gm, every day of Emergen-C – rapidly dissolving powder Vitamin C – this will really help heal all injuries and skin); avoid caffeinated beverages – especially coffee; avoid eating late; snack regularly (every three hours or so and avoid heavy very widely interspersed meals); fresh green leafy vegetables; meditation (which I know you already do), yoga asanas and pranayama (which are of greatest significance and raise stem cell numbers); turning conscious mind off worries with humor, and so on………essential after a certain age

  1. Multivitamin and mineral nutrient tablet or Intramax (contains 400 essential nutrients and vitamins and is made in Plano, Texas) – one capful in the morning (before 6pm) everyday along with 8 oz of water at least – ideal to take this – essential
  2. Live probiotic – any one (curd or yoghurt or old rice water, or from pharmacy) or Zana BioJuices – 3 oz every morning (best) – optimal
  3. If something appears despite these preventive measures, one can use oxidative therapies or hyperbaric oxygen (write to me – I will let you know whom to go to for this) to treat – as needed
  4. Use of Rudraaksham beads, to negate any cause of chakra slowing down or failing to keep rotating – as needed
  5.  Most Importantly, expanding Anaahatha Chakra – frog-like respirations at the solar plexus – with inhaling by expanding solar plexus actively (with hand on it to feel the expansion), and exhaling, by contracting lower abdomen from the lower border up – 24 times each morning and evening – to prevent and cure all diseases, according to Yoga Therapists in India – it really works –  Essential 
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