Gallbladder/Liver Cleanse from John Lieurance, D.C. to arrest toxins - Advanced Rejuvenation

Gallbladder/Liver Cleanse from John Lieurance, D.C. to arrest toxins

23 Jun Gallbladder/Liver Cleanse from John Lieurance, D.C. to arrest toxins

What you need from use to arrest toxins fast;
1. Herbal laxative, pure encapsulations (x1)
2. Phosfood, Standard Proccess. (x1)
• Day 1 of cleanse. Take an herbal laxative in the evening like Magnesium Citrate.
• Day 2 to 4. Each morning place one hundred (100) drops of Phosfood in a quart of high-quality apple juice and drink during the morning. During these three days you do not need to alter your diet. If diabetic use distilled water, place 100 drops of Phosfood in a quart of distilled water and drink that during the morning. These drops are the basis of the cleanse. If you do not want to take the drops do not participate in this program.
• Evening of the fourth day. Eat supper at a fairly early time. Then about an hour before your normal bedtime drink 1/4 tsp. Epsom salt dissolved in 1/3 cup warm water to dilate your gall bladder and liver ducts in preparation for the olive oil cocktail. You can chew orange or lemon rind if the Epsom salt bothers you. Then prepare a cup of olive oil, a cup of coke, and 1 whole lemon squeezed. Use a high-quality olive oil, one that is cold pressed. Stir these three together and drink. The coke is used to help swallow the olive oil. Without the coke the olive oil is very hard to swallow. You will find the coke and lemon make the olive oil almost tasteless. Drink this down over a 30 minute period to avoid nausea.
• Immediately after you drink the olive oil mixture, go to bed. Put your knees up to your chest. Lie on your right side for half an hour. This will cause the oil to go directly to the gallbladder and liver. These organs will not know what to do with all that oil, so they will spasm and through off stones. Then you are free to get up and do as you wish.
• Day 5. Take an herbal laxative in the morning. This will help flush the stones out of the colon. [The cleaner your colon is the easier it is to flush stones.] Break your fast by avoiding fried foods, oils, and fats. Eat oranges, pineapple, grapefruit and berries in the morning; a leafy green for lunch; fresh soup, salad and steamed vegetables for dinner. Continue this type of diet for a few days after your fast.
• Consider taking a colonic two days after the flush. I recommend Allain Menard he can be reached at 941 922 7744.

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