Exciting News for People suffering from Hearing loss, Tinnitus, Hyperacusis and Balance issues.

25 Apr Exciting News for People suffering from Hearing loss, Tinnitus, Hyperacusis and Balance issues.

German Technology Now Available In USA.



Hi I’m Dr. John Lieurance and I have made it my life’s goal to both understand and develop the most cutting edge treatment for addressing these conditions. My pain became my purpose! I began having these problems myself after suffering from Lyme disease. At some point, I had all three and I am happy to say that I now live a normal life free of any of these conditions.
For the past 24 years I have been treating inner ear conditions, and until the last couple of years my success was limited. The addition of LumoMed inner ear laser therapy has been the most impactful therapy I have been able to introduce. LumoMed works on repairing and regenerating the structures in the inner ear. Since using LumoMed I have found success with treating these conditions, which are considered “incurable” in modern medicine. Basically, this means that there are no real treatments to address the underlying conditions. Patients are told they have to live with hearing loss and to wear uncomfortable hearing aids that can actually make hearing loss progress faster. This makes sense as the stress from loud noise is usually the cause of hearing loss, and if you increase this noise stress, you will increase the stress to the very hair cells that are responsible for transmitting sound to your brain.


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Tinnitus & Hearing Loss Treatment That Actually Works.


To understand how these treatments work you need a good understanding of hair cells.

Hair cells in the inner ear are the nerve cells that allow us to perceive sound waves. They are essential for our balance, hearing and proper brain function. Without them we would be deaf and disoriented. If hair cells are damaged in any way, we suffer permanent hearing loss or debilitating balance disorders. With these little cells being so important, you would think this would be a major area of new medical breakthroughs… but it’s not really compared to other areas of medicine! LumoMed assesses the hair cells in your ears.


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*Individual Results May Vary From Person To Person


Do you suffer from an inner ear condition such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears), hearing loss, noise sensitivity (hyperacusis) or even problems with balance (vertigo/dizziness)?

If you have hearing loss, hyperacusis or tinnitus then I invite you to take the next step and fill out the short form below. One of my associates will be in touch to schedule your free consultation and audiometric evaluation. Since balance issues and vertigo can be much more involved I have found the addition of Functional Cranial Release to be a valuable addition to LumoMed.
For our out of town visitors, please send a copy of a recent audiometric examination in order for me to evaluate if you’re a candidate for LumoMed. Hearing tests are available at no charge from several warehouse stores like Costco or Sams or folks that sell hearing aids will offer free testing.

Is Inner Ear Regeneration Possible?

Advanced Rejuvenation has been working to put together the most cutting edge therapies for the treatment of inner ear conditions. Currently we are focused on the combination of physical adjustments to the bones of the skull, which also release certain connective tissues surrounding the ear, as well as laser therapy applied to the ear.



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