Honey Matrix

Honey Matrix

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What is Honey Matrix?

Making Exosome Therapy and other platelet (PRP) procedures work better through improved scaffolding properties in the honey matrix.  This thick cytokine and fibrin rich material is made from your own blood and it acts as tiny little struts that hold the graft in place long enough for the new tissue to regenerate the cartilage or tendon or muscle for knee, hip, ankle or spinal procedures. Advanced Rejuvenation is a top regenerative orthopedic group doing Exosome, PRP , stem cells and prolotherapy in sarasota florida.


Current Regenerative Medicine & Healing Technologies

    • Avoid painful surgeries with Regenerative Medicine

Many people are able avoid surgeries and long down time recoveries with these safe and effective treatments!

    • Learn from Dr John Lieurance who has been a pioneer in this field for over 25 years!

The first to begin doing stem cell therapy on the west coast of Florida, Advanced Rejuvenation has the experience!

    • Explore the latest Advances in Regenerative Medicine such as “The Stem Cell Machine”.

New German Technology only availible at Advaced Rejuvenation.

    • Testimonial By one of our Participants:

“I’ve been to 3 other semianr’s & Dr John’s was by a long shot the best and most informative. They are years ahead of anyone else I have seen in this feild!”

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