Is UltraSound Guided PRP Injections better? We specialize in PRP in Sarasota Florida

02 Oct Is UltraSound Guided PRP Injections better? We specialize in PRP in Sarasota Florida

Are Ultrasound Guided Injections Better?

This is a question of great debate. The reason why it is debated is that some people, including many insurers, feel that doctors only use these injections because they can submit a bill and capture a fee for this service. Ultrasound is quick and relatively easy, and aside from the initial cost of the machine, there is little ongoing cost to using this technology. Most doctors charge anywhere from $100 or more each time they use this technology. In addition, many people, including some doctors, feel that experience and feel should be sufficient to properly administer most injections–that ultrasounds may not improve accuracy. However a study in Rhematology in 2009 showed that only 40% of the joint injections actually got into the joint  and an average of 60% of all the joint injections actually made it into the joint! The study was done with doctors with at least 15 years experience. In contrast the injections with the ultrasound where 96% accurate!

On the flip side, there are a number of studies that demonstrate improved accuracy of the ultrasound guided injections. This is especially important with injections that may be in a more anatomically difficult location, such as a hip joint or deep tendon, rather than a superficial, easily felt joint or tendon. The best recommendation is to ask your doctor about whether it is necessary to use this technology for your injection. If you are going to be responsible for some or all of the cost, you may want to ask how much difference the ultrasound is likely to make. In addition, an ultrasound machine, like any medical technology, is only as good as the person using it. Appropriate training and experience are necessary to use this technology properly. Ask your doctor how long they have been using the technology and how they were trained to use it. We have been using ultrasound for 15 years in our practice and Dr. John Lieurance and Chen have had extensive training in the guidance using ultrasound!

If your looking for the best results with PRP, stem cells or other regenerative injection treatment then ultrasound guidance is a good idea in our experience!

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