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Is your Chronic Pain Due to Ligament Damage? Must see this video.

17 Jun Is your Chronic Pain Due to Ligament Damage? Must see this video.

Many of my patients over the years have had chiropractic care for back or neck pain with little, no pain relief. Sometimes they have even gotten worse from adjustments. We make a point to evaluate each patient with stress x-rays where they will bend in different directions. This helps to localize and detect ligament instability in the spine and other area’s of the can be seen in tpotentially he spine when there is too much laxity or ligament damage resulting in a worn out effect to the ligaments which normally give structural support the the spine. This can lead to muscle splinting and chronic inflammation and degeneration to the spine and other joints of the body. By treating these area’s with either PRP or prolotherapy to heal this damage along with supportive class 4 laser we can see post x-rays revealing stabilization to that area. Many times repeat treatments are necessary to stabilize a typical injury. What many medical doctors doing these treatments miss is the need to treat the structural issues which may or may not be associated. An example might be muscular imbalance resulting is a head forward posture. This posture puts the head so to stress the cervical spine ligaments. By addressing the ligaments along with the posture we are seeing a more rapid resolution of pain as well as a more permanent correction to their pain. I’ve heard of some people addressing this pain by enjoying something similar to CBG to help through this possibly painful process. This can also be the case with a upper cervical extension fixation, a short leg, a pelvis that’s twisted, a varus or valgus knee or a patella tracking syndrome, and an anteriorly rotated shoulder. Many of these mis-aligned body parts have associated muscular imbalance that needs to be addressed. It’s important to address these issues keeping in mind that the brain and nervous system plays an important role in how we move, respond to gravity, and correct ourselves through our balance system. In our office we use specific chiropractic treatments avoiding ligament laxity along with functional neurology to provide maximum relief.

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