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Its Mold not Lyme! What is CIRS?

16 Feb Its Mold not Lyme! What is CIRS?

After many years of suffering from what I thought was chronic lyme I know understand there was a large component of mold illness involved. There are ways for you to test yourself. Neuroquant, HLA gene testing, TGF beta-1, and more that will help you to know. In the video here you will learn the following:

  • Learn how to test your home.
  • What tests should you order to know whats causing all the inflammation?
  • What treatment is best for Lyme?
  • What are the 2 main areas that toxins build up and how do you clear them?

Its Not Lyme its Mold! What is CIRS? Dr John is a certified Shoemaker practitioner


*Individual Results May Vary From Person To Person

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