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Keoni & The Saucer.

15 Feb Keoni & The Saucer.

Keoni is taken in by the very kind and loving people of the island. They call themselves the Mokalu’an’s. They live in a majestic coastal village on the rugged coastline on the Mokalua island’s.

Mountain View of Mokalua Village.

The home he lives in with his new found family is right on the coast and over looks the sea. The waves crash on the shore and ocean spray fills the air all day. Just out side of his bedroom is a cat walk out to a pillar. On the pillar is a great place to hang out and play.

Keoni’s new home.

Keoni loves to surf on the north side of the island where the waves are big, long and clean. After a session one day and he was walking down the beach, he discovers something very interssting that almost looks like it washed up ontyo the beach kinda like he did almost a year ago. It was a silver shaped saucer. He walks around the saucer to investigate this strange object.

Keoni discovers Koolmo after surfing.

Keoni Meets this strange Alien creature and finds that he is here for an important mission sent by his people to bring warmth to his cold planet. He is here to learn the art of snuggling from the Galacticly Famous Snuggle Snarf.

Keoni Meets Koolmo

The Snuggle Snarf lives in a tree at the top of the Island.

The Galacticly Famous Snuggle Snarf.

The Snuggle Snarf leaps out of the jungle.

Keoni sneaks out of his window to rescue Koolmo

Keoni waves good bye to Koolmo.

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