Lyme & Mold Illness

Lyme and Mold are awful things to have in the home. Not only do they make you ill, but they attract pests to your home like cockroaches and other unwelcome insects to the point where you have to call someone like to help remove them. Having pests in your home makes the potential illness and disease present, even more prominent. It goes without saying that Lyme & Mold are at the root of so many diseases, and Advanced Rejuvenation is at the forefront of treatment options to correct these life changing conditions. Dr. Lieurance was once very sick with Lyme & Mold illness (Called CIRS). He has deep, revolutionary insight into the actual cause of the chronic inflammation that occurs, due to the accumulation of the biotoxin’s associated with them. He know how to treat these conditions at their core. As a Chiropractic Neurologist, Dr. John Lieurance is especially equipped to treat neurological conditions with Functional Neurology. Because many neurological conditions have a toxic or infection root cause, Dr. John considers these issues with all cases before they might travel to be treated by him! Some of the most common infections he screens for is Lyme, EBV, CMV, HHV-6 and Candida. Heavy Metal poisoning can cause many neurological conditions as well. One of the most effective therapies used by us, for both detoxification as well as infection, is 10 Pass Ozone. Also see CVAC and IV Laser. These treatments are done along with Naturopathic medicine!

Advanced Rejuvenation has been using ozone therapy for over 20 years!

Experience Matters!

Ozone is a powerful and rapidly reacting super oxygen molecule!

It is produced from oxygen through the application of an electric current. It is hundreds of times stronger than bleach at killing bacteria such as Lyme disease, viruses, parasites and mold (as with candida). Even though it is incredibly effective at killing germs, its also produced naturally by our own body. This makes it very safe when given at the correct dosages! When given systemically, in the blood, it has the effect of improving oxygen utilization, enhancing energy production and improved detoxification ability! Also, by creating a mild oxidative stress, it modulates the immune system to be more active if needed or to calm down if over active (such as with Autoimmune conditions)!

The 10-pass technique, or high dose ozone therapy (HOT), is the most effective and strongest method of ozone treatment! Ten passes, or ten times the treatment of a single pass, can be given in a 60-90 minute session, by using a special ozone machine. This machine vacuums the blood into a bottle, adds ozone under pressure, then returns it rapidly back into the body.

The 10-pass is a very powerful and safe treatment. It is used to treat infections, inflammation, auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, multiple neurologic conditions (including Parkinson’s), multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain and spinal cord inflammation of various types. It can treat Lyme disease, shingles, recurrent herpes simplex, influenza and pneumonia.

10 pass can be combined with IV laser therapy or LumoStem! We have much experience treating Chronic Lyme Disease, as one of our own doctors has successfully cured himself! Below is a video of a lecture by Dr. John Lieurance about how he used IV Laser for his Lyme and Mold Illness.

One of ozone’s major effects is the production of energy, through improving mitochondrial function. With multiple pass ozone IV’s, many of the body’s own stem cells are activated. Studies have also shown mitochondria function and biogenesis. Its effect to NRF2 is also a major route where 10 pass can stimulate a major increase in the natural detoxification and anti-aging mechanisms, as with “senescent cell autophagy”.

Conditions that we treat.

Chronic inflammation and pain, Lyme disease and virtually all co-infections with Lyme, chronic viral and other infections to include bacterial and fungal (candida), Detoxification (powerful NRF2 enhancer), low energy – malaise – chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, immune issues/dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis, Cancer, Sjogren’s Syndrome, HV 1 and 2, adverse reactions to vaccines and ciprofloxacin, anosmia, acute tinnitus and hearing loss, skin keratosis, constipation, brain disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, visual disturbances, vertigo and anti-aging.

Lyme disease along with Rheumatoid Arthritis!

Can 10 pass hyperbaric IV zone be the answer for Lyme disease? Rheumatoid Arthritis can have an underlying cause, and many times these doctors find infection to be present. Unlike the old method of only 1 pass, which has been done historically, 10 pass is a recent advance to IV ozone and few clinics offer it in North America!

See Testimonial here!

Hear what people are saying about the 10 pass experience at Advanced Rejuvenation after treatment at other less experienced clinics!

If you are interested in a program for anti aging or improved energy in the body, we have distance protocols available which include a home ozone unit, along with Dr. John’s protocol for clearing out cellular senescence. What is that you ask? Senescent cells are cells that go into a permanent state of sleep like a zombie and continue to consume energy and product lots of oxidation! I often have my patents do the following 90 day protocol: Click here.

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