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Men's Health magazine on why Nasal breathing is better than mouth breathing.

03 Sep Men's Health magazine on why Nasal breathing is better than mouth breathing.

Dear Dr. Lieurance,
My name is Maren and I’m a reporter at Men’s Health magazine. For an upcoming issue we are publishing a reader’s question in the “Ask Men’s Health” section, and I’m hoping I can interview you for the answer. I saw a blog post on the advanced wellness site that was very relevant. The reader asked, “My dentist told me I was a ‘mouth breather’ and that I should try and inhale and exhale more through my nose. Does that have real benefits?”
Would you be able to comment on the above question either electronically in an e-mail or over the phone in a short interview? I’ve pasted some follow-up questions below for your reference — feel free to send me back some answers if you’re comfortable. I’m on a tight deadline, so please let me know as soon as possible if you can help.
Thank you,
— For a mouth breather, what are some tips for learning to breathe more regularly through your nose?
— What are some costs/benefits to your health of breathing through your mouth/nose?
— Generally speaking, is nose breathing deeper than mouth breathing?
— What do you know about yogic breathing (or a specific subset) and how can it be beneficial?

Thank you so much for the opportunity to contribute to this article. I
would be happy to do an interview with you. I put some things down
here and you are welcome to call my cell at 941 302 3536 as well. This
is a great subject to speak to the public about by the way.


Your Dentist is right. Mouth breathing is not normal and many other dentists
from dentistry’s such as Dentist Vista
and others, would 100% agree. We should always
have our mouth closed with our tongue resting on the roof of our mouth
behind our front teeth…unless we are eating. Poor development of the
face/skull occurs without the strong muscles of the tongue pushing on
the palate in this way. If the palate which is the roof of your mouth
developes narrow then there will be obstruction of the nasal passage.
This also sets the stage for obstructive sleep apnea, sinusitis,
snoring, tinnitus, TMJ, Migraines, and even having to have our wisdom
teeth extracted. Thats right 100 years ago folks didn’t need to have
them taken out because the skull normally developed wider than what is
common today. Leading researchers believe this to be due to our diet
made up of too many sugars and processed foods. See Dr. Westin Price’s
work. Too many sugars can also damage the teeth inside the mouth,
causing them to decay faster than usual. Regular checkups to a Dentist in Hartford, or
wherever one lives, can help slow down the decaying process.

Making an effort to breath more throughout the nose is usually not
effective by itself. There is a series of tongue exercises that
strengthen the tongue to help the tongue stay more forward that we
have developed based on the Brazilian study done in 2007. According to
this study, 3 months after the patients in the tongue/facial exercise
group had reduced their obstructive sleep apnea severity by 39%. Those
patients also reported that they were snoring less, sleeping better,
and were less sleepy during the daytime than they had been before
learning the exercises. Those exercises included brushing the tongue
with a toothbrush, putting the tip of the tongue on the soft palate
and sliding the tongue backward, pronouncing vowels quickly or
continuously, and keeping the tongue in a certain position when
eating. We call our program FTE or Functional Tongue Exercises. I have
both a free video on line and web page I can refer you too for folks
to learn them. There is also a subset of Chiropractic for the face
called Functional Cranial Release. This done with small balloons
through the nasal passage to target the deep connective tissues that
hold and bind the facial bones into a narrow arch. Epigenetic
Orthodonics is a subset of orthodontist that use palate expanding
appliances to widen the face and allow better nose breathing amount
many other health benefits to having a normal and wide skull/palate.

Nose breathing isn’t deeper than mouth breathing necessarily, It’s
just more functionally correct with less stress on your jaw and face.

I think there is much for us to learn about yogic breathing. There are
energy patterns and there is certain neurology that is triggered by
breathing is certain ways. For instance the autonomic nervous system,
which is the past of your nervous system that controls all of you
organs, can be improved with deep breathing. Improved thoracic
expansion all of it can improve oxygen into the brain and body.

Yours in Health,

Dr. John Lieurance

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