Most doctors who are doing PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Prolotherapy are not Prolotherapy doctors. - Advanced Rejuvenation

Most doctors who are doing PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Prolotherapy are not Prolotherapy doctors.

01 Oct Most doctors who are doing PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Prolotherapy are not Prolotherapy doctors.

Ross Hauser, M.D.

Most doctors who are doing PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Prolotherapy are not Prolotherapy doctors. In a recent case, a young lady had seen an orthopedic surgeon who apparently had gone to a weekend course and now was doing PRP Prolotherapy also see why not give PRP to every patient? The orthopedic surgeon as far as we could tell had absolutely no training in Prolotherapy. All he was doing was injecting PRP into an area that he normally would inject steroids. Would you get surgery by a person who is not a surgeon? An experienced Prolotherapy doctor is someone who does Prolotherapy full time in his/her practice. Is the doctor giving you the treatment a Prolotherapy doctor? How long has he/she been doing Prolotherapy? Is PRP the only Prolotherapy solution he/she uses? If so, this person is not an experienced Hackett – Hemwall Prolotherapy doctor. He/she is either an orthopedic surgeon or a doctor who typically gives steroid shots and decided for marketing reasons to offer PRP. Again if someone took a weekend course to learn “surgery” would you go to him for surgery? I didn’t think so. Be careful with your choices and don’t just jump on the PRP bandwagon because the media is reporting on it and famous athletes are using it. We have used PRP with Prolotherapy in our Prolotherapy practice for over five years. PRP has it’s place, but it is not needed for every painful condition. Most painful conditions that we see here at Caring Medical are due to either joint instability from ligament laxity or due to joint degeneration. These two conditions are best treated with Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy – which is what this office has been doing for over 50 years. If you are suffering with a painful condition – acute OR chronic – visit an office with a lot of experience in treating these types of conditions. Caring Medical is not only experienced in treating pain/injury with Prolotherapy, Dr. Hauser, an avid athlete himself, will provide you with a thorough assessment of your condition, give you a treatment plan, thoroughly treat your injured area(s), give you an exercise prescription for getting back to your desired activities, and help you maximize your healing through nutrition and proper supplementation.


Prolotherapy is the art and science of injecting injured areas in the effort to create a healing response. The challenges within this craft are locating ALL the area’s contribuling to the dysfunction and pain and injecting those area’s that need healing. PRP is this same thing using a more robust product which is made using platelets from your own body. As a Natuopath and a Chiropractor who has worked with and employed 6 different physician over more than 10 years and overseen treatment plans and worked to manage these cases, I can tell you not only is PRP best done in a setting which your doctor understands prolotherapy and it’s applications, has experience in prolotherapy. There is a need for the doctor to be able to evaluate a pateint for joint mechanics, abnormal postural stresses like ankle and short leg syndromes for knee, hip and lowerback issues, head forward posture for shoulder, elbow, and neck injuries. Not to correct these as well will only slow or prevent healing and the problem is likely to return. Also follow up care regarding proper therapies that will increase and speed up post treatment healing can make a significant improved outcome. In our clinics a team of doctors will se that your case is managed properly and sometimes this can be more than simply injecting you and sending you on your way. You owe ity to yourself to know the full scope of your problem and ALL the possibilities you have availible to you.


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