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Neuropathy treatment Sarasota Florida

27 Aug Neuropathy treatment Sarasota Florida

Do you suffer from Neuropathy or Chronic Pain?

You’ve Come to the Right Place for Help!

Get The Facts…
Whether it’s diabetic or chemotherapy neuropathy or perhaps chronic illness causing pain, we have answers! Our doctors understand the newest and most effective treatments available. Dr. John Lieurance, alongside Dr Ronald Bramson, have blended conventional & holistic care. Dr Lieurance is a Chiropractic Neurologist and Dr Bramson is an Orthopedic PA and Podiatrist.

Get Great Care

Dedicated healthcare professionals offer the most advanced, personalized care for Peripheral Neuropathy and Chronic Pain. Request more information HERE or call for an appointment (941) 330-8553

If you have a question about Peripheral Neuropathy or other Chronic Pain issues, JUST E-MAIL DR. JOHN AT ASKDOCTORJL@GMAIL.COM

*Only With Advanced Rejuvenation by your side, in office or via Telemedicine, can you start a comprehensive personalized treatment & rehabilitation system focusing on getting you more comfortable quickly. We will then go to work on your specific treatment needs. Also, our proprietary treatment systems are essential to long term health and, just as importantly, your neuropathy & pain treatment success!

To Get Started call our main office at
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