New Therapy Centre for Menière’s Disease and Tinnitus in Sarasota Florida.

18 Oct New Therapy Centre for Menière’s Disease and Tinnitus in Sarasota Florida.

New Therapy Centre for Menière’s Disease and Tinnitus

“What can I do against dizziness?” “Where do I go with tinnitus?” Remain the major issues for many affected persons. Unbearable dizziness, irritating noise in ear, sharp piercing whistle sound, this condition also makes life difficult for the affected persons after a sudden loss of hearing and deafness.

It is true that it generally involves mainly people who have a lot to do and cannot allow any “less”. People who are responsible and are in the middle of professional, business or artist‘s life.

The LMS GmbH, based in Baden-Baden Germany and their Lumomed specialists have chosen to make a name for these people. With the Lumomed Lasertechnology® being used in several treatment centers in Germany, many of those affected can already be helped.

Another Lumomed therapy center was opened in the United States earlier in 2016 under the supervision of Dr. John Lieurance.

“Sarasota, Florida is a good place for such a therapy center”, said Dr. John Lieurance. Prominent personalities in politics, business and culture come here to seek help more than ever before, knowing that we are actually the only ones to whom they can address these problems. Our patients appreciate the protected environment and the anonymity. Of course, Florida has its unusual recreational value, which the visitors very much appreciate. “For many, the low-level laser therapy is the last resort for their ordeal.

State of the art high-tech medicine and personal interest are not mutually exclusive. “The luxury of the future involves time and attention.” Dr. John Lieurance works according to this motto, just like all Lumomed specialists.

Dr. John Lieurance

Lumomed Therapy Centre Sarasota

2033 Wood Street, Suite 210

Sarasota, FL  34237  USA

Office: (941) 330-8553

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