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20 Feb Osteoarthritis and the use of Ozone Injections for regeneration of cartilage and ligaments explained. | Sarasota, Florida doctor uses ozone for arthritis

Wear and tear of joints and break down of cartilage called osteoarthritis. The pathophysiology of these diseases is complex and characterized by the softening and even distruction of the articular cartilage, with increased matrix degradation due to collagenase and proteoglycanases. The enzymes may be secreted by activated chondrocytes and...

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24 Oct New and emerging treatments for osteoarthritis management: will the dream come true with personalized medicine? |Stem Cells | PRP in Sarasota Florida | Osteoarthritis | alternative to Joint Replacment

Stem Cells and PRP in Sarasota Florida for Osteoarthritis and as an alternative to Joint Replacment. Abstract INTRODUCTION: Osteoarthritis (OA) is a dynamic process involving the main tissues of the joint for which a global approach should be considered. No disease-modifying OA drug (DMOAD) has yet been approved....

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24 Oct Evolution and future prospects of adipose-derived immunomodulatory cell therapeutics. | Sarasota Stem cell | PRP florida | Stem Cells for inflammation

Abstract Over the past two decades, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine have evolved from what many considered a theoretical science to what is now a clinical reality. Tissue engineering combines biomaterial scaffolds, growth factors and stem or progenitor cells to repair damaged tissues. Adipose tissue, an...

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23 Oct Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation for Tissue Repair in Sarasota Florida | Tampa | Orlando | For knee and hip arthritis | Alternative to surgery

There are several characteristics of stem cells that make them unique in comparison with other mammalian cells. First, they exist as unspecialized cells lacking tissue-specific characteristics and they maintain this undifferentiated phenotype until exposed to appropriate signals. Second, they have the capacity for extensive self-renewal....

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23 Oct Enhancing Chondrogenic Phenotype for Cartilage Tissue Engineering: Articular Chondrocytes with Mesenchymal Stem Cells. | Tampa Bay | Sarasota | Florida

Articular cartilage exhibits an inherently low rate of regeneration. Consequently, damage to articular cartilage often requires surgical intervention. However, existing treatments generally result in the formation of fibrocartilage tissue, which is inferior to native articular cartilage. As a result, cartilage engineering strategies seek to repair...

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