Non surgical Options for Bucket handle meniscus tears.

14 Oct Non surgical Options for Bucket handle meniscus tears.

Various Options for Bucket handle meniscus tear treatments. Meniscal tears are the most common form of meniscal injuries. Surgery is often recommended because the meniscal tissue have a poor healing ability primarily because of a poor blood supply which prevents healing cells from the body to arrive at the spot of tears. While surgical treatments have ranged from total to partial meniscectomy, meniscal repair and even meniscus transplantation, all have a high long-term failure rate with the recurrence of symptoms including pain, instability, locking, and re-injury.

The meniscus is the shock absorbers in the knee. As such do you think it is a good idea to have them removed?

Bucket Handle Meniscus Tear Treatment

For the record a meniscus tear can be a horizontal tear, bucket handle tear, longitudinal tear, posterior horn tear, radial tear, flap tear and oblique tear. I am sure I am missing a few different types of tears. Take home point is that prolotherapy and stem cell therapy is are good treatments for all types of meniscus tears.

Realize MRIs can miss meniscus tears and often times ultrasounds are more sensitive to them. Typically meniscus tears occur medially and sometimes the knee will intermittently lock and will not fully extend. More commonly though, the person has medial joint line pain that increases with squatting. It can be very pin point where the pain is. Sometimes the knee swells.

Traditional treatments for meniscus tears is arthroscopy. This is for tears that don’t heal on their own. I believe the vast majority heal on their own. Sure, some can get repaired, but more often then not when I read arthroscopy reports, the tear was shaved away. When I ask the client why this was, they don’t know. Somewhere there is misinformation in that the meniscus and cartilage don’t repair. I am telling you after treating folks with meniscus tears for years with Prolotherapy, meniscus tears heal.

Why choose Prolotherapy over arthroscopy? Because your always going to come out ahead when you keep anatomy intact vs removing tissue. Especially tissue such as the meniscus which acts to stabilize the joint. Studies have consistently shown that removing meniscus such as with arthroscopic surgery you will have premature arthritis of that joint. We have done so many knee joint and meniscus repairs that I can tell you with out a doubt that they do repair and they are strong and resistant to re-injury!

Prolotherapy stimulates the body to repair tissue thats painful. Repair of soft tissues  including meniscus, ligaments, and tendons. It helps these tissues become stronger and thus the joints are more stable.

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