Platelet Rich Plasma to the TMJ. - Advanced Rejuvenation
Platelet Rich Plasma to the TMJ. - Advanced Rejuvenation
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Platelet Rich Plasma to the TMJ.

11 Mar Platelet Rich Plasma to the TMJ.

TMJ Temporomandibular Joint treated with PRP and or Stem Cell Therapy.

Using a natural approach to healing the TMJ using regenerative injection therapy has been show clinically to be of great benefit. We have been treating TMJ using these methods for almost 20 years. The techniques we are using have improved much since the early days and the use of growth factors from the patents own blood (PRP) and or stem cells in more advanced cases has show promising results! We also use ultrasound guidance to see the TMJ as well as guide our injections.  This is a way for you to avoid painful TMJ surgery. PRP and Stem Cell is minimally invasive and little to no down time needed.

We also specialize in a unique type of structural alignment for the face and jaw using something called Functional Cranial Release which can have benefit to those suffering issues with TMJ alignment which causes stress to the tissues and disc around the TMJ. For more information on FCR for TMJ see


A new article was published proving efficacy of Autologous blood ( using the patient’s own blood) for treatment of TMJ at 1 year follow up.  80% of patients had significant improvements when treated with Autologous blood.

Ultimately we may find that Platelet Rich Plasma offers the most healing potential in TMJ  dysfunction by delivering potent growth factors to accelerate healing.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Autologous Blood Treatment

TMJ TMJ Temporomandibular Joint treated with Blood Injection

For more information on PRP or stem cells you can email us at or go to our web site at or call our office for a free consult or to attend a free lecture. (941) 330-8553

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