Sarasota Doctor offers Non surgical alternative to spinal fusion surgery. - Advanced Rejuvenation

Sarasota Doctor offers Non surgical alternative to spinal fusion surgery.

12 Dec Sarasota Doctor offers Non surgical alternative to spinal fusion surgery.

Basic Science Research Continues to Confirm that All Types of Stabilization Possible with Prolotherapy Including Noninvasive Spinal Fusion

Commentary on Olabisi, R. et al. An Injectable method for non-invasive spine fusion. The Spine Journal. 11:5454-556. 2011.


Study goal: The goal of this study was to achieve reliable spine fusion through a single injection of a cell-based gene therapy system without the need for any surgical intervention. Eighty-seven  immunodeficient (n=44)and immune-competent (n=43) mice were injected with fibroblasts, transduced with an adenoviral vector to express BMP1, along the paraspinous musculature. Bone formation was evaluated via x-ray, microCT, and biomechanical analysis.


There is nothing new under the sun: Back in the 1960’s, John Merriman, M.D. wrote a great paper comparing Prolotherapy to Spinal Fusion as seen on page 87 of Prolo Your Pain Away!  His work, like a lot of the Prolotherapy pioneers, fell on deaf ears. As most people know, spinal fusion has a very poor track record of providing pain relief over the long haul. In some cases, like car accidents, a spinal fusion is necessary, especially if a vertebrae is cracked.  But for simple spinal instability like in spondylolisthesis or retrolisthesis or for that matter any ‘listhesis (unless an emergency), Prolotherapy is a better option.

This latest study revealed that with bone morphogenic protein injected into specific areas around the spine, a spinal fusion is possible just by injection.  Eventually when these various growth factors become FDA approved or available for use in humans, you will see all of the various forms of Prolotherapy being used, I believe, even in traditional medicine.  This is just one of many animal studies that shows that the effects of Prolotherapy are truly remarkable! 

Prolotherapy vs spinal fusion surgery: So for you or your friend who are considering spinal fusion realize Prolotherapy or an injectable method of noninvasive spine fusion may be a better, simpler option!  In that case, Dr. Merriman was correct when he wrote about it and published it in a peer-reviewed medical journal in 1964! To receive Prolotherapy at our clinic, GECKO JOINT AND SPINE, just phone us at 941-330-8553 or contact us via email at ASKDRJL@GMAIL.COM


Merriman J. Prolotherapy versus operative fusion on in the treatment of joint instability of the spine and pelvis.  Journal of the International College of Surgeons. 1964;42:150-159.

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