Spinal Rejuvenation program at Advanced Wellness Center.

23 Jun Spinal Rejuvenation program at Advanced Wellness Center.

Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy

Over the last few years, there has been a resurgence of integration with various modalities that are actually able to reverse the sign of aging in the spine as well as greatly restore normal spinal function. The secret lies in increasing circulation to the various structures of your spine especially the intervertebral discs! Hydration not only supplies water to our cells and tissues, it also carries with it nutrients such as the stuff in that bottle your paying out the wazu for. What’s going to carry it into your discs? That’s right water! One of my professors once said that the circulation brings in the groceries and takes out the garbage. He also said the solution to pollution is dilution. That brings me to my next point which is toxicity in your spine. Studies have shown it to take up to 500 days for the dye to completely circulate out of your discs given an average spine. Talk about a toxic dump. No wonder so many people suffer from premature spinal degeneration. Since we lose the direct blood supply to our discs at around age 12, it’s important to understand what kinds of factors play a role in normal hydration.


Number one would be to drink adequate amounts of water. Experts suggest ½ ounce for every pound of body weight. For many of us, drinking isn’t enough to really push the water deep into our tissues. Especially such a dense tissue as a spinal disc you need something extra to really create a draw for deep spinal hydration. Minerals serve just that purpose. There are 2 sources I’ve found that will actually show changes on an x-ray to spinal disc height. One is Real salt available at either whole foods or the granary. Real salt contains 48 minerals but there is another source that contains 84 minerals that is the best source I’ve found. It’s called Himalayan Crystal salt. A teaspoon of a liquid mix of the salt is consumed daily usually in the morning on an empty stomach and washed down with water.


The next factor is a little more complicated. In order for fluid to be pumped in and out of your discs, you are going to require movement of your spine. Improving the flow of nutrients to your discs is greatly influenced by its structure. Usually, an absence of the normal curves in the spine can stiffen it. You’ll need to find a chiropractor to assess your spinal curves. By restoring your curves you’ll be setting your spine up for a nutrient bath every day. This is best done using seated x-rays. These x-rays can also show any signs of disc drying or (desiccation). Regular chiropractic adjustments to your spine also promote a healthy range of motion and flexibility.


Now the fun part! There are a few therapies that have shown to be very helpful in reversing the signs of aging in your spine. The wobble chair is a chair that has a moving pivot that allows you to drastically improve circulation to your lumbar discs. Exercises are done a few times per week to move your spine in various directions creating a pumping action. Something else that could help someone suffering from back injuries may be trying out spinal decompression therapy. This method uses axial traction that is done via a computer. This creates a negative pressure that draws fluid in from around the spine and also helps repair herniated or bulging areas. Repetitive cervical traction is an over the door device that allows someone to use their body to create a fractioning on your neck over repeated repetitions.

These therapies along with an active healthy lifestyle can help prevent or reverse the aging process of the spine and keep you active and happy. For demonstrations on any of these therapies call Dr. John Lieurance’s office @ 941 330 8553.

Himalayan Crystal salt protocol:

Start with a glass container of any size you wish. Using either the rocks or the crystal powder you will make a fully saturated liquid, called sole, by adding enough salt to the water until you see some remaining crystals left undissolved on the bottom of the container. Remember to give your salt a chance to dissolve for an hour or so before adding more. Fiji water is best used to make the sole solution.

You will drink 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach every day. The sole can be mixed with water or juice or chased down with as well. It is also better to use Himalayan salt for all your cooking needs as normal table salt has negative health risks associated with it.

High blood pressure and salt:

Since natural salt only contains a fraction of the sodium chloride that table salt contains, patients with high blood pressure that have been told to avoid salt are safe using natural salts. It would be important to check with your doctor and monitor your blood pressure regularly when starting a program like this. Stop the salt if there is an elevation in your blood pressure. Natural salt usually has no negative effects on blood pressure in the dosage given above.

Visit www.himalayanlivingsalt.com for more information on Himalayan salt, it’s uses and issues about blood pressure.

Your’s in Health,

John Lieurance, D.C.
Functional Neurology

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