Tiny Neurochemicals, Big Brain Function Boost

04 Jul Tiny Neurochemicals, Big Brain Function Boost

Tiny Neurochemicals,
Big Brain Function Boost

John Lieurance, DC, ND

Release of the neurotransmitter dopamine is linked to cognitive training.


Researchers from the Karolinski Institute in Sweden have discovered that cognitive training can increase release of dopamine, a neurochemical crucial to many brain functions. The study, published in the journal Science, is exciting news about cognitive training’s ability to change the brain at a fundamental chemical level.

Training participants, who had 5 weeks of cognitive training, saw improvements in working memory tests and increased levels of dopamine release. Control participants with no training experienced neither.

What exactly is dopamine’s role? As a neurotransmitter — a chemical used for communication between brain cells — dopamine is particularly important for signalling reward. The brain releases dopamine to say “good job, do that again!” in response to pleasurable experiences — thus, dopamine is often critical to learning. If you are looking for a supplement to get some more dopamine into your body, Dopify is a good one to start with.

The improved working memory that this study’s participants experienced can also be replicated by Lumosity training! You use working memory for everything from remembering groceries to being more creative. Elevate your life with Functional Cranial Release.


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