Viral Summit organised by Advanced Rejuvenation
Viral Summit organised by Advanced Rejuvenation
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Viral Summit:

A virtual seminar by leading experts on viral immune boosting.

Our Doctors & Experts will be conducting an online summit for COVID-19 Survival.

Learn more about many little known immune boosting methods and how to keep you and your family safe. 


What We’ll Cover

In light of the pandemic viral infection COVID-19 we are offering a special 2 hour summit of strategies to both prevent & treat viral infections. The staff at Advanced Rejuvenation will be drawing from their decades of experience treating chronic viral infection using things like ozone, medicinal herbs, colloidal silver, IV Laser, Vit C IV, Glutathione and much more. Learn about what labs to order to see your immune status and what lab variable to balance to stay healthy with the coronavirus outbreak. These are some of the topics that will be covered at the seminar:

  1. How to best sterilize yourself during and after being in areas with potential exposure. What is the #1 choice from Dr John as far as a hand sanitizer?
  2. How melatonin was shown to greatly increase viral survival in animal models and how you can use melatonin for impressive immune boosting properties.
  3. What lab panel and home tests the physicians at Advanced Rejuvenation are recommending.
  4. Why protein supplementation to build immune cells make good sense and which is best.
  5. Why and how to keep your nasal and sinus passages clean and healthy.
  6. How high dose Vit C IV is being used in China successfully and how you can use it to boost your immune system prior to or to prevent the acquisition of a virus.
  7. How sleep is of HUGE importance to immune function and how to greatly improve it using proven strategies. Dr John will discussing “super physiologic melatonin dosing” and how this might be the secret weapon to radial health and healing.
  8. Little known health tricks you can use at home to greatly boost health and immune function. (Sauna, Acupuncture, Juicing Fruit & Vegetables, Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Colonics, Stem Cells).
  9. Using Medical Cannabis, Hemp and CBD to improve health, vitality, immune function and to improve sleep and reduce anxiety and stress.
  10. Glutathione and how its the most important nutrient to keep high in order to both prevent but also survival if infected. Ways to get it in to the body outside of IV therapy.
  11. Ozone treatments both at home and Clinically with your doctor. Why this one naturally occurring molecule might be the best answer to COVID-19 treatment. Learn how Ozone is 100 times more anti microbial than bleach!
  12. Gut function and Microbiome health as a factor of a strong immune system and ways to heal and strengthen your gut and best probiotics to use.
  13. What are the best supplements to take right now? Learn what Advanced Rejuvenation Staff are taking.
  14. What are peptides? Why do we feel these hold amazing promise as the medicines of the future and which peptides are best for the immune boosting?
  15. What types Exercise and Diet should you be thinking about to keep your immune system strong.
  16. What is our take on the current situation and what we might expect over the next 2-3 months.


Attendees will all receive a special gift.

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