Physicians Training in Sarasota Florida at Advanced Rejuvenation
Physicians Training in Sarasota Florida at Advanced Rejuvenation
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Attention Physicians


Advanced Rejuvenation will be holding a physician training in Sarasota, Florida. We are currently accepting applications for MD’s, D.O.’s, N.D.’s only. The course will cover the following:

  1. How to perform in office liposuction.
  2. How to perform a bone marrow aspiration.
  3. Injection techniques using Ultrasound Guidance
  4. Procedure and Application to include:
    • Super Concentrated Pure PRP.
    • Honey Matrix.
    • LumoStem and Stem Cell PhotoActivation.
    • Pure Bone Marrow Stem Cell Techniques.
    • Adipose micronizing
    • MarrApose or the combination of BMA and Adipose Tissue.
    • Demonstrating the use of ozone/prolozone for musckuloskeletal conditions as well as using along side PRP and Stem Cell procedures to further activate and assist the healing process.
    • LumoStem for interstitial, Intra-articular and IV laser therapy.
    • Exosome uses and applications for orthopedic, cardiovascular and neurological indications.
    • Hydrodissection and Tendon Tenonomy.
    • Using Laser and whole body cryotherapy with stem cells.
    • Best Rehab for post Stem Cell Therapy
Advanced REjuvenation

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