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Conventional medical treatment for neurological degenerative diseases makes no attempt to restore function of the damaged brain cells. Using powerful treatments such as NAD IV therapy, Exosomes, Stem Cell Therapy, 10 pass IV ozone, IV laser (LumoStem), naturopathic medicine, Diet and detoxification programs, Lipid Exchange Protocol, functional chiropractic neurology and Acupuncture.  Our neurological programs are designed to find the causes of the damage such as chronic inflammation, infection, toxic build up and poor circulation causing poor function in the neurological system. These programs have the potential to restore function to injured or diseased tissue and create neurogenesis (growth) of new nerves. We are the only center in USA that offers LumoMed, an inner ear regenerative therapy for hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders. We also use functional neurology for many neurological conditions. Advanced Rejuvenation is finding great success with our regenerative based neurological programs. For additional information also see FunctionalCranialRelease.com and ParkinsonsInstituteSarasota.com

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