Prolozone Therapy


Non-surgical ligament reconstruction using ozone injections.

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What Is Prolozone Therapy?

+++Prolozone is a form of non-surgical ligament reconstruction, known to have a lasting effect on chronic pain. Prolozone is a connective tissue injection therapy, of collagen producing substances and ozone gas, which reconstructs damaged or weakened connective tissue in and around joints. These substances are injected into the damaged connective tissue in and around a joint to rebuild the damaged areas. Repairing the connective tissue is all that is needed to perpetually reverse chronic pain.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger training with Dr. John Lieurance. Dr. John teaching Dr. Frank FCR and Dr. Frank teaching Dr. John about ozone therapy.

Prolozone Therapy is an injection technique similar to prolotherapy, using ozone. The use of ozone causes the joint to heal more quickly than in traditional prolotherapy. This is because ozone is a highly reactive molecule, and when injected into a joint capsule, is able to stimulate the fibroblastic joint repairing abilities.
Prolozone is derived from the word ozone and the Latin word “proli”, which means to regenerate or re-build. It literally means re-building tissues with ozone. It is important to understand what the word prolozone actually means. “Prolo” is short for proliferation, because the treatment causes the proliferation (growth, formation) of new ligament tissue in areas where it has become weak.
Ligaments are the structural “rubber bands” that hold bone to bone in joints – acting like the body’s shock absorbers. Ligaments can become weak or injured, and may not heal back to their original strength or endurance. Ligaments will also not tighten on their own to their original length once injured. This is largely because the blood supply to ligaments is limited, therefore healing is slow and not always complete. To further complicate this, ligaments also have many nerve endings, which will cause a person to feel pain at the areas where the ligaments are damaged or loose.
We can think of our joints as the hinge on a door. Until the hinge is fixed, the door isn’t going to open or close correctly.  It’s the same with our joints. If we are athletic, or just getting older, there will be natural gradual degeneration of the moving parts of the body, due to ongoing recurrent mechanical stress and failure of tissues to repair. This can come from lack of nutrients, lack of circulation, aging and inflammation. When this happens, the ligaments, tendons, and cartilage become dehydrated and weaker. This results in laxity, abnormal mechanical stress and shearing forces on the joint. Abnormal shearing forces and torsion cause more joint dysfunction. This leads to a progressive separation of the ligaments from the superficial covering on the bone called the periosteum. This pulling on the periosteum creates a space which the body fills in with new bone. These new parts of bone are called osteophytes. They are the premier signs of degenerative arthritis in and around the joint. Osteophytes and joint laxity result in a reduced range of motion, which causes strain on surrounding muscles, in turn becoming over or under worked. This leads to more dysfunction & pain.
Prolozone repairs and causes tightening of the lax structures, partially torn connective tissue and ligaments. Prolozone halts the pain/inflammation cycle. This allows for better circulation, increased blood flow carrying nutrition, and hydration of the damaged tissues. Prolozone provides a healing environment within the joint to develop, resulting in increased range of motion as well as decreased pain.

Who is a candidate for this program?

Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar disc damage and spinal pain. Shoulder pain, Rotator Cuff Tears, Knee injuries, and individuals wanting to avoid knee and hip replacement.

Also people having PRP or stem cells when it is indicated to prepare a joint for grafting.

Because Prolozone treatments also result in cartilage regeneration, the technique is also remarkably effective even for severe cases of Osteo-arthritis of the hip or knee. The good thing about Prolozone therapy is that it is not just a treatment for pain. The results can actually represent a long term fix.
Once the doctor takes a detailed history of your injury and looks at your MRI report, he will be able to tell you if Prolozone is right for you.

How does it work?

Pain will persist as long as connective tissue in a joint remains damaged. Connective tissue can be scarred, torn, or overly stretched. Prolozone injections stimulate tissue to repair itself, strengthening and tightening, and ultimately stabilizing the joint. Prolozone therapy involves the injections of ozone into soft tissues, ligaments, and tendons. This causes a localized inflammation in these weak areas, which then increases the blood supply and flow of nutrients, the stimulation of anabolic cells, fibroblasts, osteoblasts, and chondroblasts. These effects stimulate the tissue to repair itself, strengthening and tightening, and thereby stabilizing the area.

What do I have to know before I get started?

It is suggested that the patient use no anti-inflammatory medications before and during the 48 hours after the injection. Advanced Rejuvenation has a special Prolozone nutritional protocol that we will have you follow after your injections. Different conditions respond differently to Prolozone where some will have immediate relief and others will require a longer course of care. Because Prolozone is so well tolerated, it requires no down time and you will be able to return immediately to your regular activity after your injections.

What can I expect?

The response to treatment varies from individual to individual, and depends upon one’s healing ability and level of injury. Some people may only need one to two treatments, while others may need as many as six or seven. Once you being treatment, the doctor can analyze how you are responding, and will then be able to give you an accurate estimate of what you can expect from further treatments. The injection process is repeated every 1-2 weeks until maximum improvement is noted. Prolozone Therapy typically results in a remarkable absence of symptoms, even in severe pain conditions that have been present for years. And, the most amazing thing about it is that the results usually represent a long term fix.

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