TRT Therapy | Benefits, Facts and Treatments | Advanced Rejuvenation
TRT Therapy | Benefits, Facts and Treatments | Advanced Rejuvenation
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TRT Therapy

See this page for a list of studies that demostrate all the positive effects of TRT

Treatments range from $350-$600 each and packages are availible for a discount for a series of 3 treatments. Call for a free consultation to find out if TRT is right for you.

TRT is a revolutionary new German technology that is using a specialized acoustic wave or “true” shock wave also called soft wave. There have been numerous studies on this therapy for multiple conditions. One interesting aspect with TRT is the wider range of conditions that TRT seems to have a benefit.  Advanced Rejuvenation is having much success with TRT treating many muskuloskeletal and orthopedic conditons, joint pain, nerve injury such as with spinal disc injury, neuropathy and sciatica. Although not yet FDA approved we also treat male and female conditions like ED, urininary incontenence, prostate hypertrophy with waking up at night to unrinate (yes this seems to be fixable with this device), vaginal atrophy and then the sexual aspect of having better function down there! Explore how treatments like 10 pass hyperbaric IV ozone & IV laser (LumoStem), other targeted IV therapies, hyperbaric oxygen, naturopathic nutritional care, detoxification programs using oral & IV Lipid Exchange, functional chiropractic neurology, Shoemaker Protocol, PK Protocol, Acupuncture and hormone replacement therapy.  Using IV ozone for 25 years we are the most experienced clinic to treat many difficult chronic conditions.  These programs have the potential to treat the problem at its core. Many of our programs are aimed at clearing the toxic and or infection cause then a shift to regenerative care to restore the musculoskeletal, nervous system and immune system to its most healthy state.

TRT can be used on a variety of painful conditions such as Arthritis, Neuropathy and Sports Injuries. We also use the TRT Pre and Post Regenerative Medicine procedures!
This is TRT being used on a stroke after 3 years! We see improvement with many types of Neurological conditions using TRT!

Consultation Request for New Patients

Set up a Virtual Consultation or in Person Consultation Today!

Consultations are available with one of our doctors both in person as well as virtually.

Cost for a 20-minute consultation is $95

This is your opportunity to discuss your unique and most likely difficult case with Dr.John Lieurance. The appointment is only 20 minutes and please keep in mind he will need to keep this schedule as other consultations are scheduled.