Regenerative Cardiology - Advanced Rejuvenation
Regenerative Cardiology - Advanced Rejuvenation
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Regenerative Cardiology

Dr Jeff Sack is a board certified Interventional Cardiologist on staff at both Sarasota Memorial and Doctors Hospital hopes to start studies to bring exosome treatment to the hospitals so patients can get treatment within hours of Heart Attack or Stroke.

The epidemic proportions of heart failure together with limitations in its treatment constitute the bases for the recent interest and enthusiasm in regenerative cardiology. Our efforts in this field aim at the reconstitution of the myocardium or vascular structures lost upon pathological insults, and involve the utilization of cell treatments, exosome products, chelation, oxygen and tissue engineering. Soon after the first experimental evidence that bone marrow-derived cells (BMCs) induce cardiac repair in the postinfarcted heart, endothelial progenitor cells, mononuclear bone marrow cells and exosomes have been administered to patients affected by acute myocardial infarction or chronic ischemic heart failure. These interventions had positive outcomes documenting not only the feasibility and safety of this therapeutic approach but also beneficial effects on cardiac function. Advanced Rejuvenation is at the forefront of the science of Regenerative Cardiology.

Advanced Rejuvenation offer Regenerative Stem Cell Cardiology

Stroke- Post Heart Attack Vascular Disease

3 main areas of focus:

1) Cell Membrane / Endothelial Health  

2) Oxygen Therapies 

3) Exosome / Stem Cell

Cell Membrane, Lipid & Endothelial Health

The quality of your cell membranes is in direct proportion to the quality of your heart & cardiovascular system! Also your  brain, and every other organ or system in your body. Made mostly of a key lipid call PC (Phosphotidyle Choline) in healthy individuals. This lipid layer makes up the inner lining of your blood vessels called the endothelium.  Improving the health and quality of these lipids using lipid exchange protocols heart function and artherioslerosis can be naturally improved and damage can even be reversed. Advanced Rejuvenation used advanced testing to measure your cell membranes then uses oral and IV chelation therapies to remove harmful toxins & renegade fats that cause inflammation and build up of plaque.

Oxygen therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen and intervenous ozone therapies (10 pass) can be used to repair heart muscle, reduce inflammation and improve mitochondrial function. The heart is the most energy demanding organ after your brain. Its rich in mitochondria which is the power house of the cell where the mitochondria is how we convert oxygen and glucose into energy. Has been shown to function poorly in cardiovascular disease and therapies aimed to improve them has been shown to help both the heart and cardiovacular system.


Exosome’s are the tiny vessel located within all of the stem cells which give stem cells the beneficial effects. It is now believed that it is the work of these exosomes that leads to the repair of structures such as heart muscle, nerve repair and new blood vessel (collaterals) formation to revascularize areas that have been effected by vascular compromise.  Finally, we address the promise of exosomes as valuable diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, and their potential use as therapeutic tools in CVD. Exosomes exhibit huge beneficial effects on preventing heart damage and promoting cardiac repair. In multiple studies the therapeutic effects of cell-based therapy, such as for the treatment of stroke using stem cells have demonstrated particular promise. Systemic administration of MSCs as a treatment for stroke has demonstrated that MSCs promote central nervous system (CNS) plasticity and neurovascular remodeling which lead to functional benefit

Watch this presentation by Dr Sack on Exosome Treatments.

*Individual Results May Vary From Person To Person

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