Brain Degeneration and the MicroGia Cells. How to preserve your brain with Oxygen and Glutathione. What is the Blood Brain Barrier? - Advanced Rejuvenation

Brain Degeneration and the MicroGia Cells. How to preserve your brain with Oxygen and Glutathione. What is the Blood Brain Barrier?

21 Sep Brain Degeneration and the MicroGia Cells. How to preserve your brain with Oxygen and Glutathione. What is the Blood Brain Barrier?

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Microglia are a type of glial cell that are the resident macrophages of the brain and spinal cord, and thus act as the first and main form of active immune defense in the central nervous system (CNS). Microglia constitute 20% of the total glial cell population within the brain.[1] Microglia (and astrocytes) are distributed in large non-overlapping regions throughout the brain and spinal cord.[2][3] Microglia are constantly scavenging the CNS for plaques,damaged neurons, and infectious agents.[4] The brain and spinal cord are considered “immune privileged” organs in that they are separated from the rest of the body by a series of endothelial cells known as the blood–brain barrier, which prevents most infections from reaching the vulnerable nervous tissue. In the case where infectious agents are directly introduced to the brain or cross the blood–brain barrier, microglial cells must react quickly to decrease inflammation and destroy the infectious agents before they damage the sensitive neural tissue. Due to the unavailability of antibodies from the rest of the body (few antibodies are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier), microglia must be able to recognize foreign bodies, swallow them, and act as antigen-presenting cells activating T-cells. Since this process must be done quickly to prevent potentially fatal damage, microglia are extremely sensitive to even small pathological changes in the CNS.[5] They achieve this sensitivity in part by having unique potassium channels that respond to even small changes in extracellular potassium.[4]

GABA “Leaky Brain” Challenge Test

plays a key role in the central nervous system’s reaction to st

The Gaba Challenge Test is important because it can help identify a leaky blood-brain barrier (BBB). If the BBB is intact, you won’t feel an effect from the GABA – GABA itself should not be able to cross the brain’s protective barrier. If you do feel a change, then we will need to repair both leaky gut and leaky bbb. Meanwhile, the GABA may be calming.

You will need: GABA 500mg — 2 capsules = 1000 mg GABA powder

for the purposes of this test
get Apex Energetics challenge sample pack from me

or purchase a pure GABA-only supplement like Swanson’s “Premium GABA” ($7 online.)

or NOW GABA 100% pure powder (1/4 level tsp = 500 mg). ($12 online.) Swanson’s:

(DO NOT use NOW GABA+ B6 or formulas with other GABA precursors
like theanine, B6, taurine (We will use the precursors later for therapy.)

Average adult dose for the test: 2 capsules = 1000 mg or 1⁄2 level tsp of GABA powder

Children and highly sensitive adults may want to start with 500 mg.
(For children, calculate from the “average adult” at 150 #) A 75 # child would take 500 mg. A 35 # child: would use powder doses of as little as 10mg-100mg.)

Directions for the challenge test:

You can test GABA at night if you have trouble sleeping or you can test it during the day. We choose the time of the test depending on what we want to find out and when you want GABA’s calming effect.

** A few people will become more wired instead. This is rare.

Take before sleeping if you are in an agitated sleep cycle where you would expect

We would expect to see a calming effect – feeling more calm, relaxed or sleepy ** than normal. If you become more relaxed within a 2-hour time period, we can assume the GABA has crossed the BBB and created an inhibitory/calming effect.

Or Take it if you wake in the night – remember it may need 2hours to take effect

Or Take during a normally productive time of day when you may be wired but can

afford to let the GABA slow you down. (If you have to push through, your adrenals

may override the GABA by going even further into fight-flight.) So pick a time you can let it kick you back if it’s going to.

(Be sure not to take the GABA after a meal that might ordinarily make you drowsy, so we can distinguish the GABA effect from insulin-resistant reactions.)


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