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CVAC improving aerobic conditioning.

31 Aug CVAC improving aerobic conditioning.

It is generally accepted that improving aerobic conditioning increases endurance and running speed.


There is growing awareness that aerobic conditioning improves brain performance, especially if brain performance is compromised:


A published, peer-reviewed research study funded by the US Army demonstrated a 9% point increase in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood in elite athletes that used the CVAC Process over an 8-week period:

This study also measured a greater than 5% increase VO2max in elite athletes. VO2max is the gold standard measurement of aerobic conditioning:






A more esoteric, but growing awareness is that better aerobic conditioning results in improving the body’s ability to adapt.  John Howard, Champion Ironman provides this explanation:


  • For a basketball player, the time it takes to adapt from standing to a full sprint and then adapt back to standing and then adapt to jumping is based on aerobic conditioning. So that would mean that a player who has superior aerobic  conditioning can get a good shot / throw for the basket before the defense is ready–or conversely, getting into a defense position before the offense can get a good shot at the basket.


  • For a football player, the time it takes to adapt from a crouch to a full sprint is based on aerobic conditioning.  So a faster ability to adapt for a defensive NFL Lineman means sacking the Quarterback.
  • An important aspect of the superior aerobic conditioning achieved through use of the CVAC Process is that a football lineman can improve aerobic conditioning without having to run, row or cycle if they use the CVAC System.
  • A tennis player needs to adapt from standing to a full sprint and back again to be able to cover the court on a return.  That is how Novak Djokovic has become famous for “Mr. Can Return Anything” and how he has dominated tennis since he started using the CVAC System at the 2010 US Open:

  • Quinton “Rampage” Jackson became the World Champion with one punch in the first 2 minutes of his Championship match against Chuck Liddel because Rampage was able to adapt from a defensive arm position to a full punch faster than anyone Chuck had ever fought before. So Chuck’s technique of backing up did not work, and his chin got caught.

  • The Faulkner University Football team used the CVAC System in their 2012 season. They had the best football season in the history of the school:
  • Here are videos including testimonials from high school football players. The sportscaster talked about the CVAC-using  football player being: “One Fast Man!”

The 2 ½ minute trailer / intro:
The full 15-minute version:


  • And there is more:


Despite football wide receivers being at risk for higher intensity head trauma compared with linemen, there is a trend in which football players who are  better aerobically conditioned have less incidence of concussion. There is also a trend that they recover from concussion faster:



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