Orthopedic & Cardiovascular - Advanced Rejuvenation
Orthopedic & Cardiovascular - Advanced Rejuvenation
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Sarasota’s Leaders in Exosome, Stem Cell, PRP & Prolotherapy

Stem Cell & Exosome Treatment

Advanced Rejuvenation uses exosome and stem cells along with specific growth factors. These can be injected into damaged and arthritic areas of your body to promote a regenerative effect that can lead to less pain, inflammation and improved strength and function. Exosomes can be given IV or Intrathecal for various conditions requiring systemic effect. Studies are showing an 80% success rate with the treatments used at Advanced Rejuvenation. Read more on Regenerative Cardiology Here.

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PRP Therapy

We use growth factors from your blood that are concentrated in our 3rd generation “Super Concentrated Pure PRP”.  We also use our patented “Honey Matrix” which concentrates the scaffold material that is native in plasma, called fibrin. These advances in our concentrating and processing of your blood is why Advanced Rejuvenation’s PRP offers superior results compared to other clinics offering similar treatment.

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Prolo, or Proliforate, is used to stimulate tissue to grow and strengthen. Advanced Rejuvenation has been performing prolotherapy for almost 20 years, and our unique solutions include activated oxygen (O3), dextrose, hypertonic saline, sodium moruate, growth hormone, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid.

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Avoid Surgery Using Stem Cells

This was a 2 yr follow up with a woman who had osteoarthritis of her knee joints. After stem cells from fat, bone marrow and PRP, which used her own blood factors to stimulate a regenerative effect in her body, she was pain free. This is a way for you to avoid painful surgery. Stem cell therapy is minimally invasive, and little to no down time is needed.

Where is Your Pain?


Our Integrative staff and Physicians use a variety of modalities including Stem Cell Therapy, Laser Therapy (LumoStem), Oxygen Therapies (Ozone), Acupuncture, Prolotherapy, PRP, Chiropractic Neurology and other eclectic medicine. We use these approaches to treat many injuries and conditions. Find which treatment is right for you.

Why Choose Advanced Rejuvenation?


Advanced Rejuvenation emphasizes quality and our well trained physicians are highly committed to the advancement of regenerative medicine.

Industry Leaders

Our team is a fusion of Medical, Osteopathic, Chiropractic, Podiatric and Eastern Medicine doctors who helped shape the industry.

Over 50+ Years Combined Experience

Our doctors have been perfecting these procedures together for over 10 years. You’re in good hands.

Cutting Edge Technology

We offer patented procedures that are only available at Advanced Rejuvenation.

What Are My Next Steps?


A fresh start to arthritic joints starts here. Find out what we can do for you.

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