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Ozone therapy in the treatment of patients suffering from Parkinson’s syndromes.

25 Sep Ozone therapy in the treatment of patients suffering from Parkinson’s syndromes.

Study #1


Oxygen-ozone therapy is effective for both activation of the cerebral microcirculation and increasing energy production by neurons, as recent studies have shown. As well as this, it has been shown to have a proven anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action, improve microcirculation, increase the production of cellular energy, activate the mitochondrial antioxidant system and facilitate the elimination of cell catabolites. It also seems that oxygen-ozone therapy improves and prolong the effects of drugs such as Levodopa, Selegiline and Bromocriptine and antioxidants, therefore these activities could help us understand the improvements recorded in Parkinson’s patients treated with oxygen-ozone therapy. The aim of our work was to carry out a postural, stabilometric and symptomatological assessment of the effects of oxygen-ozone therapy by using rectal insufflation in patients who undertook the intense motor activity of non-contact boxing. The results showed a significant reduction in the myofunctional, postural and stabilometric symptoms of Parkinsonian patients who practiced non-contact boxing activities, implemented though systemic oxygen-ozone therapy with insufflation.
  • Luca Morelli
    San Fedele Multi-specialist Rehabilitation Centre, Longone al Segrino, Como, Italy; UCM United Campus of Malta, Smart City, Lugano, Switzerland; Scientific Society of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (SIOOT), Gorle (BG), Italy 

Study #2

Ozone therapy in the treatment of elderly patients suffering from Parkinson’s syndromes
María M. Rodríguez, Silvia Menéndez1, Josue R. Carcía, Evis Devesa & A. Cámbara
Hospital Clínico Quirúrgico 10 de Octubre, 1Centro de investicagiones del ozono, Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba. Revista CENIC Ciencias Biológicas 29(3): 149-152, 1998.
Journal written in Spanish
ISSN: 0253-5688.


Parkinson’s syndromes are present frequently in the third age, with a high tendency to produce disability. The aim of this paper was to study the effectiveness of ozone therapy in the improvement of the elderly autonomy, as well as the quality of life of patients suffering from Parkinson’s syndromes of different nature, taking into account some therapeutical properties of ozone. A sample of 90 patients with this diagnosis were treated with rectal ozone (during 20 sessions) and physiotherapy. A complete neurologic and psychometric examination was performed to each patient, at the beginning and the end of the treatment. The results demonstrated that all symptoms and signs studied improved after the treatment, fundamentally the rigidity and tremor (93 %), the gait (86 %) and the bradyphrasia (83 %). The daily life activities improved in 79 % of the treated patients. No side-effects or intolerance were observed.

Discussion: I find this study interesting as I have seen, personally, many cases of PD, which we have treated using IV ozone, that have improved drastically! Keep injections mind this study is based on using IV rectally. This is where an amount of ozone gas, usually a liter or so, is introduced into the rectum. The ozone is absorbed into the blood there. It is effective, however, introducing it directly into the blood can allow for a much higher dosage to be used therapeutically. As far as IV ozone the 10 pass hyperbaric ozone is the most effective application of IV ozone! 


So how does this work? PD has been shown, like many other neurodegenerative diseases, to have a connection with both oxidative stress as well as mitochondria disfunction. Let me explain what this means.

Oxidative Stress

First oxidative stress is always present but our brain cells can loss the ability to neutralize this “Chemical Stress”. This is why Glutathione therapy can be helpful for PD. See Glutagenic.com for more on this.

Ozone is a strong oxidant and it promotes the formation of lipo peroxides, which circulate throughout the body and nervous system. These lipoperoxides are what stimulate the natural anti oxidant buffer system! Its like exercise putting mechanical stress on the muscles and the muscles respond by growing stronger these lipoperoxides are similar where they are a “Good Stress” or a hormetic stress.

Definition: “[Hormesis] is process of conditioning and adaptation in which low levels of stress stimulate or upregulate cellular and molecular pathways that improve the capacity of cells and organisms to withstand greater stress.” (1). Its this chronic oxidative stress, that goes unchecked, that causes neuronal death! Particularly its the substantia nigra in PD that is the target of this destruction however is other neurological conditions it is other areas of the brain. 

Mitochondrial Function

Each of your cells require a small bacterial like structure called mitochondria in order to produce energy by converting oxygen and glucose to ATP (the energy currency of the cells). This ability of the mitochondria to do this job effectively is at the core of most if not all disease states! It is what separates the strong cells from the weak cells and the healthy people from the weak, diseased and sick people and yes the strong brain from the weak brain! Mitochondrial function normally declines significantly with age, chronic infection, toxic exposure and mental/emotional stress. Ozone therapy does a few exciting things for your mitochondria. Ozone improves oxygen absorption and  donates an electron which the mitochondria can utilize to improve its efficiency. Due tom the lipoperoxides ozone also triggers mitogenesis / mitophagy. This is the creation of fresh new mitochondria as well and the clean up of the old and weak mitochondria. Bottom line is ozone has been shown to improve mitochondrial function which can be a big help for those suffering from PD or any other degenerative neurological disease.


Chronic Infection

I have been treating degenerative neurologic diseases as a Naturopath as well as a Chiropractic Neurologist for almost 20 years and often find infection as part of the clinic picture of many cases of PD!  Common infection are Lyme disease, EBV, CMV and HHV-6. If you have been diagnosed with PD you should be tested for these infections. If your doctor wont test you or you are not confident they know the right tests to order then please contact our clinic and we can arrange this testing for you. Ozone is hundreds of time more powerful than bleach as an anti microbial. In fact Las Vegas uses ozone gas to stabilize the municiple water! When ozone is exposed to your blood it kills any infection present in the blood but its real effect is how it conditions the white blood cells when they are exposed to ozone gas. These activated and conditioned white cells then circulate throughout your body and are able to kill off any chronic infection!  Medical ozone has direct antiviral activity which induces long term remission and in some cases total elimination of virus from blood.

I have found that the 10 pass ozone IV system works better towards this than any other method and especially with difficult infections such as chronic lyme. 

Click here is see studies on Ozone therapy for viral infections.


Here are some other studies of neurological disease treated with ozone.

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