Stem Cell Treatment | PRP Treatment | Prolotherapy | Ozone | Advanced Rejuvenation - Sarasota, FL
Stem Cell Treatment | PRP Treatment | Prolotherapy | Ozone | Advanced Rejuvenation - Sarasota, FL
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Leaders in Alternative & Regenerative Medicine also Interventional Regenerative Cardiology

Regenerative Orthopedic & Cardiology

Our integrative staff has been using regenerative therapy for over 2 decades. We where one of the first clinics in the USA to offer stem cell care 15 years ago! Using regenerative injection treatments such as Exosomes, Stem Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Prolotherapy and Prolozone Injections, we are able to fix the root cause of many orthopedic problems. Whether it’s to repair damage to cartilage (such as in osteoarthitis of the knee, hip or shoulder) or tightening or healing damaged muscles and tendons (such as rotator cuff tears and chronic spinal pain), we are on the forefront of the most current methods in non surgical orthopedic regenerative therapy. Leaders in Regenerative Cardiology for Stroke, Heart Disease & Vascular Disease.

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Regenerative Neurologic & Inner Ear

Using the most cutting edge medical care for many Chronic Neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, headaches and most degenerative neurological conditions. Conventional medical treatment for neurological degenerative diseases makes no attempt to restore function of the damaged brain cells. Using such powerful treatments such as NAD IV therapy, Exosomes, Stem Cell Therapy, 10 pass IV ozone, IV laser (LumoStem), naturopathic medicine, Diet and detoxification programs Lipid Exchange Protocol, functional chiropractic neurology and Acupuncture.  Our neurological programs are designed to find the causes of the damage such as chronic inflammation, infection, toxic build up and poor circulation causing poor function in the neurological system. These programs have the potential to restore function to injured or diseased tissue and also create neurogenesis or growth of new nerves. We are the only center in USA that offers LumoMed, an inner ear regenerative therapy for hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders. Also using functional neurology for many neurological conditions. Advanced Rejuvenation is finding great success with our regenerative based neurological programs. For additional information also see  and

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Chronic Disease: Lyme & CIRS Treatment

We have success with Chronic infection like Lyme disease, CIRS, Mold Illness, Chronic Viral infections, Autoimmune conditions, chromic inflammation and difficult cases that others have failed is where Advanced Rejuvenation shines. Explore how treatments like 10 pass hyperbaric IV ozone & IV laser (LumoStem), other targeted IV therapies, hyperbaric oxygen, naturopathic nutritional care, detoxification programs using oral & IV Lipid Exchange, functional chiropractic neurology, Shoemaker Protocol, PK Protocol, Acupuncture and hormone replacement therapy.  Using IV ozone for 25 years we are the most experienced clinic to treat many difficult chronic conditions.  These programs have the potential to treat the problem at its core. Many of our programs are aimed at clearing the toxic and or infection cause then a shift to regenerative care to restore the musculoskeletal, nervous system and immune system to its most healthy state.

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Where is Your Pain?


Our Integrative staff and Physicians use a variety of modalities including Regenerative Cardiology, Laser Therapy, Ozone & Oxygen Therapies, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Acupuncture, Prolotherapy, PRP, Functional Chiropractic Neurology, LumoMed Inner Ear Treatments and other eclectic medicine to treat many injuries and conditions. Find which treatment is right for you.

Why Stem Cell or Exosome Therapy?

Explore why stem cell or Exosome therapy will become the treatment of choice for many who would like to avoid risky and painful surgery. These Therapies are minimally invasive with little or no down time!

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Why Choose Advanced Rejuvenation?


Advanced Rejuvenation emphasizes quality and our well trained physicians are highly committed to the advancement of regenerative medicine.

Industry Leaders

Our team is a fusion of Medical, Cardiologist, Osteopathic, Naturopathic, Hormone Specialist, Chiropractic, Podiatric and Eastern Medicine doctors who have helped shape the industry.

Over 50+ Years Combined Experience

Our doctors have been perfecting these procedures together for over 15 years. You’re in good hands.

Cutting Edge Technology

We offer propriety procedures that are only available at Advanced Rejuvenation.

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